Leela Dance Collective’s repertoire represents the breadth and depth of kathak, classical dance from North India, and amplifies the voices of a new generation of female artists. Through traditional works and cross genre collaborations, Leela Dance Collective is making kathak dance relevant for modern-day audiences.

Encounters With Beauty

Indian classical dance meets Western contemporary chamber music in this new collaborative work that weaves together the evocative sounds of a string quartet, Hindustani classical vocals, and mystical poetry with the percussive footwork and dramatic movement of kathak dance. 


A sensational kathak and tap collaboration created and choreographed by Rukhmani Mehta, Rachna Nivas, Michelle Dorrance, and Dormeshia that elevates the voices of female artists and features live Indian classical and jazz music.

ReSound: Kathak in the Streets

celebration of kathak dance featuring pop-up street performances and workshops, conceived and choreographed by Rukhmani Mehta.

Son of the Wind

A traditional dance drama based on the Ramayana, a beloved epic from ancient India.

The Traditional Solo

Kathak in its most authentic and unadulterated form, featuring a solo dancer in a tour-de-force performance of dance, rhythm, poetry, and storytelling with live musical accompaniment. 

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