The Leela Foundation is committed to establishing the financial infrastructure necessary for advancing kathak dance and Hindustani classical music in the United States and beyond. The Foundation aims to provide crucial financial support to those artists that embody and advance these traditions; support the training of the next generation of kathak artists; and advance excellence in our field.




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Leela Foundation is proud to have been able to support a range of kathak artists and Hindustani classical musicians through artist awards, fellowships and residencies. These artists are at the forefront of preserving and advancing some of India’s richest artistic traditions in the United States and beyond.

Jayanta Banerjee                            Madhuri Devi Singh
Satyaprakash Mishra                   Jay Gandhi
Ben Kunin                                           Ravindra Deo
Debashish Sarkar                          Chirag Dixit
Gretchen Hayden                          Shivam Sudame
Joanna De Souza                           Salar Nader

Patronage Matters

While India’s classical dance and music traditions are some of the richest in the world, they remain grossly under-resourced. Without adequate institutional and financial support, these traditions are at great risk. In order to preserve and advance India’s artistic heritage, we need to build a strong and lasting financial infrastructure.

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