The Artistic Directors of Leela Dance Collective have chosen an ambitious mission, to honor ancient traditions and bring them forward, made relevant to the present.  There is no question that they are successful.

– LA Dance Chronicle

Leela Dance Collective

 Through traditional works and cross-genre collaborations, Leela Dance Collective brings the richness and depth of kathak, classical dance from North India, to contemporary audiences worldwide. The Collective has garnered critical acclaim under the artistic direction of Rukhmani Mehta, Seibi Lee and Rachna Nivas, and engages some of today’s leading dancers and musicians, as well as collaborative artists of other genres. 

Leela Foundation

The Leela Foundation is dedicated to creating the financial infrastructure necessary for India’s artistic heritage to thrive. The Foundation supports artist residencies, fellowship and awards for dancers and musicians representing various dance and music traditions of North India.  

Leela Dance Collective offers pre-professional and professional training and education in kathak dance to aspiring dancers and artists. Training programs with some of today’s leading kathak artists are offered in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Denver. . 

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