Community engagement is at the very heart of Leela Dance Collective’s work. Some of our most rewarding experiences as artists come from the residencies we participate in across the country, connecting us to youth, dancers of different genres, and people of all walks of life. Our arts education programs allow us to connect with thousands of young and curious students each year, and keep us grounded in diverse communities at the grassroots level.

Arts Education

Leela Dance Collective has designed a special arts education show, Imagine India, that introduces students to the vast and beautiful world of North Indian classical art. Weaving together dance, music, rhythm, poetry, and storytelling, this captivating performance tells the story of India through the ages, from ancient times, to medieval India, to modern day. With engaging visuals, beautiful costuming, compelling narration, and a cinematic musical score, this show is a great way to both educate and entertain young audiences.

Leela Dance Collective is proud to be a part of The Music Center on Tour, a premiere arts education program, serving children and youth at K-12 schools across the greater Los Angeles area. Leela’s school assemblies introduce students to the tradition of kathak dance and are accompanied by educator guides and supplemental activities for the classroom that deepen learning. 

The Collective has also partnered with Carnegie Hall to support its educational initiatives including Link Up, a program that guides students in grades 3–5 through a yearlong exploration of orchestral repertoire and music making, and Musical Explorers, a program presented by institutions around the country that connects children to rich and diverse musical traditions through through listening, singing, and moving to songs from all over the world.


In partnership with presenting organizations around the country, Leela Dance Collective offers engaging residencies featuring a wide variety of programming. Residencies enhance audience’s connection with the artform and enliven local communities including youth, seniors, families, and university students through unique performing arts experiences. Leela Dance Collective has worked with many institutions to create meaningful residency activities including a kathak and tap jam session with NC State Live, a week-long Virtual Residency with Page Theater, and kathak and tap workshops with Maui Arts and Cultural Center, University of Hawaii, and Kahilu Theatre. 


Dance & Music Workshops

We are proud to offer workshops and master classes year-round in partnership with educational institutions, performing arts centers, and cultural and community groups that introduce audiences to kathak dance and Hindustani classical music. Our educational programming engages students of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from introductory classes for beginners with little to no dance and music experience to immersive workshops for aspiring artists across genres. Leela Dance Collective boasts some of todays leading choreographers, composers, artists, and educators in the field of North Indian classical dance and music. They represent some of India’s most significant artistic lineages and work to make them relevant for contemporary audiences and future generations.

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