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Leela Dance Collective is an internationally touring dance company that advances kathak, classical dance from North India. Through traditional works and cross-genre collaborations, the Collective brings the richness and depth of Indian classical dance to contemporary audiences worldwide. Based in Los Angeles, Leela Dance Collective has garnered critical acclaim under the artistic direction of renowned kathak artists Rukhmani Mehta, Seibi Lee, and Rachna Nivas, and engages some of today’s leading dancers and musicians, as well as collaborative artists of other genres. Leela Dance Collective has created groundbreaking productions including SPEAK, Son of the WindReSound, and more. Past highlights include appearances at Ford Theaters, BroadStage, Kimmel Cultural Campus, the Green Music Center, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, and NC State LIVE.

Our Productions

Leela Dance Collective’s repertoire represents the breadth and depth of kathak dance, while also amplifying the voices of a new generation of artists. Get to know our works, from kathak and tap dance collaborations, to dance dramas depicting stories from India’s ancient epic the Ramayana, to pop-up street performances, to traditional kathak solos.

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Artistic Direction

At the core of Leela Dance Collective’s approach is collective creativity. Rather than being centered around one artistic vision, we bring together a multitude of artistic voices facilitated by the leadership of our three co-artistic directors Rukhmani Mehta, Seibi Lee, and Rachna Nivas. We firmly believe that diversity of thought and open exchange advances and sustains our art.  Through our work we hope to bring artists and communities together to engage in meaningful experiences and collaborative programming.  

Value of Education

Community engagement is at the very heart of Leela Dance Collective’s work. Some of our most rewarding experiences as artists come from the residencies we participate in across the country, connecting us to youth, artists of different genres, and people of all walks of life. In addition to residency activities connected to touring shows, we also participate in local arts education programming including partnerships with Music Center on Tour in Los Angeles, Carnegie Hall in New York, and Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver. These programs allow us to share the joy of kathak dance with thousands of students each year.

Leela Dance Collective

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Carrie Jennings, Company Manager

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E: bookings@leela.dance

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