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Leela Dance Collective’s training programs in San Francisco provide dancers with the opportunity to study kathak dance under the guidance of Artistic Director, Seibi Lee in an immersive and holistic environment while the company’s open classes provide dance enthusiasts of all levels and backgrounds with a chance to experience the joy of kathak.

Open Classes

Leela’s weekly Open Classes provide adults (18+) with a great way to receive foundational training in kathak dance technique along with in-depth education in the historical, philosophical, and cultural context of the artform. Open classes can serve as a pathway to pre-professional and professional training for passionate and dedicated students who choose to embark on this artistic journey.

Introductory Classes
Berkeley | Wednesdays, 6pm
San Leandro | Sundays. 10:30am

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1800 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA

San Leandro
1555 Washington Ave.
San Leandro, CA

Pre-professional & Professional Training

Leela offers pre-professional and professional training for adults (18+) in the style of kathak developed by legendary master and guru, Pandit Chitresh Das. Under the guidance of Leela Dance Collective Artistic Director, Seibi Lee dancers learn to apply dynamic technique, musicality and expression in the context of performance and artistic development. Through Leela’s training programs, dancers have the opportunity to learn rich and dynamic repertoire from Das’ lineage and participate in ensemble performances around the country. Students are admitted to the pre-professional training class by invitation only. If you are interested in learning more about admission to the pre-professional training program, please contact us at

Private and Semi-private Training

In addition to group training, dedicated and talented students and dancers (18+) have the opportunity to train one-on-one with Leela Dance Collective Artistic Director, Seibi Lee. Semi-private and private training provides an opportunity for students to develop deep knowledge and skill in the guru-shishya tradition to hone the skills necessary to be a performing artist. Semi-private and private training is available to students currently engaged in the training and practice of kathak dance. For more information, contact


Classroom Concerts

April 21, 20244
4:30pm | Free

Classroom Concerts feature members of the Leela Youth Dance Company performing traditional kathak with live musical accompaniment. Our upcoming concert features Anirra Kutty, Tvisha Soni and Poorvi Sangli with Ben Kunin (Sarod) and Nabin Shreshta (Tabla).

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